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Covenant International Recruitment Agency, LLC is dedicated to assisting students interested in studying at American Universities.

"What really makes me happy is seeing students from all over the world join the university of their choice and make great changes in their life."
Minahi Almukhles


Covenant Recruitment Agency, LLC staff are here to assist students in choosing the university or institute that best suits their needs and desires. We take into consideration every avenue available and strive to get each student into the program of their dreams.

Rest assured, the team will explain each program possible in relation to aspects like a student’s chosen Major, location wants, tuition costs, cost of living, modes of transportation available, and extracurricular activities of interest.

I couldn’t be more happy to be in this ESL program and plus, the weather here is awesome!
(W.A) Student placed in Miami, Fl.

Apply To
the right Institution

After receiving the students’ documents Covenant Recruitment Agency, LLC applies on their behalf to the institute of their choice. Covenant follows up with the institute to make sure all requirements are met and the students can get their acceptance letter on time. All of the documents are confidential and will be kept safe. 

Institution feedback

After applying to an institute, Covenant receives a feedback form. If the student meets the requirements they will get a full offer from the institute they applied for. On the other hand, if they do not meet the requirements for that specified Major the institute will send a letter to the student outlining the reason/s and obtain a conditional acceptance letter.

High expectationS with our services

Diligent Response Time

We ensure students are contacted within 24 hours after their application submission via email or phone number. Our team will confirm with the students if no further information or documents are needed. Students are free to contact at anytime to enquire about their application status.

Great Connections

Covenant team connects you with the program and institute of your choice. We contact, speak, and schedule appointments on your behalf with efficient communication skills. Outside of program assistance, we connect you with people who speak your language or people who are interested in speaking it.

Acceptance Letter

Our institution partners respond to us with a timely manner. Students admission depends on the institute requirements. Regardless of this, our partners can offer an acceptance or conditional acceptance letter with every applicant.

Multilingual Team

Covenant staff speak multiple languages in order to assist our students the best we can. Some languages include English, Portuguese , and Arabic. We can make the most impact in knowing students concerns and needs are heard and understood.

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It has never been easier to apply to my choice university/ESL
before Covenant